Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beta Installer

With Beta turn-in over we would like to offer everyone our installer! http://tinyurl.com/KK-Beta

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Post

Hey everyone! We are Atmosphere Games a student driven team under Hidden Temple Studios at Full Sail University.

Our team team of five programmers, four artists, and one producer is working on our final project game, named "Crumbs". "Crumbs" is in the third month of a five month development cycle and is working towards our Alpha milestone which is due the beginning of August.

"Crumbs" is a third-person curling/putt-putt game starring an ant named “Anthony”.
Anthony likes to have fun; a lot. He has the most fun when he’s moving very very fast.
To that end, Anthony has built several courses for himself and his friends.
Players will be able to take control of Anthony as he slides around a household kitchen bouncing off of common objects, picking up sugar bits, getting power ups, and completing awesome trick shots to gain points. Can you gain the most points and beat your friends? Play and find out!